Temperament Affects Decisions

September 2, 2008

Speaking of decision-making … in approaching tasks or solving problems, firstly I usually think and consider things through and thoroughly. Then, it would be continued by search of facts or evidence to support my hypothesis. Before making any choices, I let my intuition flow and color my judgments. Sometimes the decision would stray a little bit from the expected layout …  yet it often turns out to give a good result.

Somehow, there are also other circumstances where my decisions rely heavily on intuition. Not likely to be drawn from sudden urges or desires; but merely because there are not enough information which are valid from true premises. Well .. no choice, my friend, especially when the clock refuses to stop ticking and the time span reaches its limit. However, I would prefer the use of logical thinking in order to find results or draw conclusions. I’m most confident that satisfying outcomes are stemmed from well-thought decisions.

Compare the above illustration with an expression in Numerology known as “temperament“. Our temperament is fourfold, according to  the four divisions of a man: body, mind, heart, and spirit. Here they are:

Physical – represented by body and concerned with material aspects, practicality, system and order.  Mental – represented by the mind and concerned with the reason, logic and facts. Emotional – represented by the heart and concerned with emotions, feelings, affection, imagination, inspiration, creativity, and artistic endeavors. Intuitional – represented by the spirit and concerned with inner-awareness, non-materialist and psyche.

Each of us have different temperaments depending on the degree of balance between the four components mentioned above. It gives a clue how we tend to make choices in life. In my case, reasons (mental) and sentiments (emotional) are the ones that work back-to-back in most of my decision-making process. While facts (physical) and inner-guidance (intuitional) are relatively overrulled. In the past two years I have learnt to trust my intuitions, though, and it had helped me in making decisions when forthcoming conditions are not easily forseen or predicted.

In Numerology each plane is associated with the letters that shape up our name, and our preferences are expressed by the intensity of each plane shown by the most number of letters. You can do your own analysis or otherwise, go inward and reflect to understand your personality makeup.

So, what’s your temperament and how do you use your energy in making choices? Are you inclined to be practical, logical, emotional, or intuitive?  ~

Live Life With Purpose

August 31, 2008

Today I logged in FS, and found out that someone had emailed me, commenting on my ‘shoutout’ post: ‘Live Life with Purpose’. My response was: “Well, Dear .. I do live life with purpose, otherwise I would not make any last minute changes in my decisions”. 😀

This is not a joke, My Dear … It is to assure that the choices I make may serve the purpose that was set right from the beginning.

In many cases, we get confused when facing a lot of choices and tend to delay in making decision. The only way to approach this situation is by weighing the pros and cons in relation to the ‘desired effect’, which in other words means ‘purpose’ 🙂 . To some people, best solutions turn up at the final moment. To others, decisions are best when promptly made and they stick by it resolutely. What you can do is find a way that works for you!

In other cases we often complain of not having any choices at all. The truth is .. there are times when we face dilemma of having to choose between unsatisfactory alternatives: either “to accept”, “to repel” or “to fight”. We are always given with choices but the unfavorable situation might lure us to turn away from reality.

Attaining our purpose has everything to do with the act of choosing and deciding. That’s life! Questions often asked are: “What if there are not enough information or resources to support a sound decision? What if we make the wrong decision? Wouldn’t we go off track?”

Hmm … my answer would be: So what? That’s perfectly fine. You can always get back on track. We learn through our mistakes. We achieve mastery by exploring, experimenting, experiencing and correcting. That is how we normally learn in life no matter which turn we take. So .. just live your life with passion!

When choices are laid … and when a decision is made … then there must be a sense of purpose involved. Regardless of the quality of the outcome and the undesired impacts, the person has exercised “living life with purpose” and there is always invaluable lessons to learn 🙂